confidentiality statement

MBL BOOKKEEPING SERVICE will always maintain a high level of confidentiality when dealing with our clients and their data.

  • We will never divulge any data or information received from you, the client, to a third party who is not involved in serving your account, without your written consent.
  • Any information or data received from you, which are not currently available on the public domain will not be divulged by us to anyone without your expressed consent.
  • The confidentiality of the data and information received from you will be in force up to 24 months after the termination or expiry of our service engagement with you.
  • This Confidentiality Statement does not include any formal requests made by any governmental authorities, such as the Tax Department, in pursuit of their investigations. However, you will be kept informed of any such requests.
  • This Confidentiality Statement does not cover any data or information which are available on the public domain.
  • If required, a more detailed formal Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be signed between Phoenix Lifestyle Coach Limited and you.
  • In the absence of a formal NDA, this Confidentiality Statement will be sufficient to bind us to you.
  • These statements are subject to changes without prior notice.

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