Data transfers

In order for us to prepare and complete the data entry into your General Ledger and to prepare the Trial Balance and to generate your Final Accounts, which are, the Trading Account, the Profit & Loss Account and the Balance Sheet, accurately and speedily, we would require to receive all source documents from you in a timely and organised fashion.

Amongst the documents required would be:

  • Sales Invoices issued
  • Payment Vouchers issued
  • Suppliers Invoices received
  • Debit Notes issued and received
  • Credit Notes issued and received
  • Payment Receipts issued
  • Bank in slips
  • Bank Statements

All the above documents required for data entry can be sent to us the following ways :

By scanning and sending copies of your documents to us by email.

By sending copies of your documents to us by ordinary post.

Never ever send us your original source documents.

The originals must always be kept by you in a safe and secure location for you to retrieve as and when required.

We cannot be held responsible for the loss of any of your original documents sent to us, by mistake, or otherwise.

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